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With Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection, get two action-packed games – Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed Rogue – plus all single-player DLC.

User reviews

Assassin’s Creed Rogue requires 7.1gb download to play as well as a 1.2gb for extra content. It’s a shame that Ubisoft did not advertise or informed customers. Yes it’s a physical cartridge, but there’s only Black Flag. I was expecting both games and all dlc to be on one cartridge. I’m going to return my copy and get it digital instead.
The Rebel Collection consists of two main games and an addon that was included in Black Flags season pass. Black Flag released in 2013 across all home consoles of the day and pc and Rouge 2015,16 for pc and a "remastered" or pc version for xbone/ps4 in 18. So in all that time why is this a port worth snagging. This port is much better than ACIII and both BF&ROUGE are better games. So from what I can see both games run at 900p, which should have been ACIIIs target. Black Flag is medium to low settings from the pc version with weather effects such as rain drops and sun rays in the water, AO, godrays and volumetrics off. Grass may be the same as the ps3 version or it is transferred from ACIII. There is not a low enough preset on pc. Anti aliasing seems to be either fxaa or off. For Black Flag this is puzzling as on pc it is one of the first games to use txaa. So their is more crawing on the ropes of the ship than of patreons leaving a Nassau tavern. But... performance is rock steady at 30fps in portable, slight drops docked but on par with anyother console, and in portable it looks fantastic. I mean one of the best looking Switch games if not the best on the small screen, though Alien Isolation might have it beat. In term of the big screen it does look better than Witcher3. In large part this is due to its higher resolution and better texture than most Switch games. Rouge is a download only. Rouge was built for 360/ps3 and as many asset's were grabbed from ACIII as BF. The switch version is the same with better shadows and higher resolution. So again no pc extra upgrades. Sound is clear sailing unlike the canned ACIII release. Which is a good thing. As for the game itself you have a large open world in both for exploring, broken up in different maps. Traditional AC gameplay mixed with ship combat makes for a great combo. Weather varries, with water spouts and in Rouge ice breaking is a thing. In ACIV BF you are a fictional pirate with laughably unhistorically real life pirates. Rouge you set sail again as a Templar and sail the Northern Atlantic between New York and Halifax. You can customize your ship, change wardrobe, and use different type weapons. Both of these games are in my top 5 AC games and offer a vast adventure. But the real gem of both these games are the sea shanties and period tavern music. It is a truly immersive experience. Over the last 6 years I have developed an intrest in the music because of Black Flag. Leave Her Jonny is a gem of a song. I find my self sing these songs as if they were on the radio. My kids sing them. These songs mixed with age of sail exploration is a kin to driving in gta and jamming out. Rouge has the same sailing songs with a few later additions to be period correct. Old Maui is a note worthy addition. If you find you love this music go check out Stan Rogers. I can not understate what a world builder this is.This is a must buy. This is easily worth 40 clams even if the one is 6 years old. There has been no Black Flag 4k update for 1x or pro though Rouge did but there is no way the stanard consoles offer enough to not go with the portable version. This is coming from a pc gamer who has been playing both ultra,4k,60fps, with reshade since release. It is just that good on the small screen to pass up. So set sail, ravage the high seas, and the Switchs battery.
Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection is actually a compilation of the remaining 3 games of the America saga of the franchise: Black Flag, Freedom Cry (not on the cover), and Rogue.When I first heard that Ubisoft will be finally porting over the final 3 games of the America saga to the Switch, I was jumping with joy that we will finally be getting the missing games to round it out. Always wanted to play those games on the go and felt it was a great time to pick up this compilation to complete the saga, while having them all on the same cart.Upon getting the cart, I thought Ubisoft went above and beyond in making the compilation the best it could be on the Switch. With no stupid DLC codes nor stupid paperwork in the case, it was presumed that this compilation was as good as Fallen Legion's with all bases covered.But...upon inspecting what is on the cart...Ubisoft unfortunately did another cheapout job with false advertising.... by not including Rogue on the cart itself.WTH?! How hard is it to cover all your bases?! Does it hurt that bad for Ubisoft to include that 7.1GBs of Rogue on the cart itself?! Corporate penny pinching strikes again! by forcing everyone to download those 7.1GBs to a MicroSD card.Luckily Rogue, the language packs, and extra content are all Free to Download with no extra BS and at no extra cost, which salvages some of Ubisoft's reputation. But still... no excuse.Yet as much as Rogue is not on the cart itself, Freedom Cry is luckily on the cart with all of the other Black Flag DLC. From what I recall, Freedom Cry never had a physical release of any kind whether it was part of a Platinum Hits Black Flag re-release or as a standalone. This is technically the only way you'll get a physical copy of Freedom Cry.Ubisoft did a good job porting the games over to the Switch as they did with AC3 and Liberation. Sure they still have their own problems as do most ports. But being able to play all of these games on the go is a major plus for those who don't have the resources nor the physical space for systems that require TV sets to play.Don't get me wrong, the stories are excellent, the gameplay is what I expect from an Assassin's Creed Game built from what was learned off of Assassin's Creed 3, and are an excellent addition to your Switch Library.All in all, I would recommend this compilation to anyone, but with a word of warning to those who have bad net connections. It's great that 2 of the 3 games is on the cart. But falsely advertising Rogue being on the cart does not excuse Ubisoft to do any kind of cheap out job.This almost got a perfect score, if it weren't for Rogue being falsely advertised being on the cart, and Ubisoft expecting everyone to have 7.1GBs available on their microSD cards for it. If you love the America's saga of Assassin's Creed, you'll enjoy this.

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