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Battlefield 1 Revolution includes Premium Pass and access to all premium content; Jump into The Great War through massive team-based multiplayer battles. Or discover a world at war through single player War Stories campaigns; With unique combat roles on land, in the sky, and at sea, no battle is...

User reviews

This game is made primarily for multiplayer. I has singleplayer scenarios/stories which are good and interesting but the heart of this is multiplayer. Multiplayer is very very difficult especially when you are at lower rank and don't have the better weapons. Snipers and more experienced players make it difficult to even stay in a game - you are killed instantly and have to respawn and are killed instantly again and again and again. Frankly, it takes all the fun out of it. There is really no way to practice or get better because you are killed immediately after respawning. Graphics are terrific, weapons are great etc. It is a very good game but the multiplayer is just too hard to learn. I paid less than $24 for the Revolution Ed. so it wasn't that much - just wish there was a way to play that would let you learn a bit.
Amazing game, everyone kept repeating the same thing about how the "atmosphere" was what made this game better such as bf5. And they're right. It feels gritty and intense. One unfortunate problem is the player base is small. I read up where 3000-4000 active players on pc and sometimes 8000 in peak times. It can be hard to get into a game at times. Another issue is bullet deviation. A good amount of people really detest this mechanic but there are some defending saying it's actually accurate to real world guns which I'd say sure, but it's still a video game. Another note is that I got this game ONLY for $10 which is insane for a dlc game. The sale only lasted a few weeks, but if you're tight on money just be patient for a sale. Overall great game, but really wished for more loyal players!
Be careful when downloading games as three i recently purchased turned out to be for 64 bit systems. I looked for that information before i bought them but couldn't find it. Gave me an excuse to build a 64 bit gaming system.

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