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The Ceph threat is spreading, but you aren't about to hand Earth over to an invading alien race without a fight.; You've got a Nanosuit, a versatile and advanced piece of military technology that helps you run faster and strike harder than your opponents.; The Complete Crysis Experience. Every...

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I recently bought a HP Power Pavilion last year and I'm like "Can it run Crysis?" Well it did 60 1080p on high dx9, and 30 1080 dx10. Then I was like "Can it run 2 and 3?" Yes... Yes it can. I absolutely love the series, and being able to play all of the games after playing Crysis 3 in 2013 when it came out on the Xbox 360, was great.Over all the trilogy is strong, but the second diverged from a stealth, action, horror game to a high octane AAA game. The third went back to it's roots going from small maps to even larger.
If you can find this for $8 as it is now, it's worth it for the first two games.I have it one star for each game that had quick saves. It's a PC game. We expect no less. But then again, it's EA. They are not known to be customer friendly.Crysis 2 and 3 DO NOT have quick or manual saves. It uses checkpoints. The problem is the checkpoints are few and far between.Crysis 1 and warhead had a decent checkpoint spread, as well as quick save if you like.
Awesome trilogy definitely recommend

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