Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition – Nintendo Switch

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You are the luminary, the hunted hero who will protect the land from destruction in the latest RPG from the iconic Dragon quest series. With a ragtag band of adventurers, you'll engage in well-balanced, turn-based battles and embark on quests across the kingdom of erdrea. Forge Gear, develop...

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I will open by saying this is an AMAZING game! Beautiful artwork, great gameplay, etc. I will say to buy this outright. However, to make sure you will like the gameplay, try the demo. It's free and you can play around the first 8 to 10 hours, which is great. Yes, your save will carry over from the demo to the full version. Ok...now to the review.STORY: Very standard in this regard. You MAY encounter moments you did not expect, but overall it's a standard story that flows well. Sorry, I'm very vague in this bit because I hate story spoilers.GAMEPLAY: It is turn-based through and through. This used to be the norm, but not so much now. It's great imo. You can speed it up. There is the standard speed and 2 more, progressively faster, modes as well. There is also 2D in this version. It's also turn-based of course, but different in that you don't see your characters actually moving. You will see the hit or a spell fly around, but not your character animations. You can swap between 3D and 2D at any save shrine. It will take you back to the beginning of that chapter you are on or you can pick a past chapter and have all your new weapons and armor go with you, minus key items. You can jump back forward as well to the beginning of the newest chapter. The demo does not have 2D mode. There are plenty of abilities to learn, which are based on your level and where you put your skill points. You also have pep powers. These are random buffs your characters receive, which makes them more powerful. You can also activate special abilities during this pepped up state with many requiring 2 or more party members to be pepped up. There is also the Draconian mode options. These are available when you start a new game, which can make the game harder, funnier, and/or somewhat strange, like your characters randomly losing their minds mid battle, earning less xp from weaker monsters, or npcs giving you false information i.e. lying to you...possibly about important informationCHARACTERS: You have multiple characters you meet along your journey, who in this version have other story paths you can explore and learn more about. Each one ties into the story along the way and has their own personality. Each character also has their own skill trees with multiple weapon paths to go through. You like Eric with boomerangs instead of daggers??? Go for that boomerang. You want the hero to have a giant sword instead of sword and shield...get your monster hunter cloud style greatsword on. You can eventually swap between these characters during battles and even if they don't participate, they receive experience, so you aren't leaving someone behind.DEFINITIVE EDITION UPGRADES: I probably won't hit all of them. Just have to say that lol.- The orchestral soundtrack is available, as well as the midi version. (Mine will stay on orchestral)- The forge can be used ANYWHERE. Yes, you can craft anywhere now and not just at camp, which is great.- The other party members have individual quests now to complete. This gives you more back story for them.- 2D mode. This mode was in the 3DS jpn release, but it's now on the Switch as well.- New quests set in ALL of the previous main DQ games, which is DQ I (1) - X (10). They are set in 2D mode and quite a treat, especially if you have played those previous games.- Outfits. Yes, there is a new outfit slot. You no longer have to wear weaker armor to have that specific look you like. If yoy have all the necessary equipment pieces, you can have that as an outfit while wearing stronger armor.There are other things, but those are some of the big ones.QUICK HIT SECTION: This is for parts I did not mention. There is gambling, like slots and poker. You can ride monsters...even more in this version to. If you ride your horse into a monster and defeat it, you get xp from it. You can craft weapons, armor, and accessories. You can buy crafting items more easily in this version. There is a photo mode where you can pose your characters how you want. You can have ANY character live with you.OVERALL: Buy this game. It's colorful, charming, and above all...fun. Even if you can't get it right now, download the demo...it's free! Hands down one of the best games on the Switch.
Bought it new and there is no game.
I've always had an interest in the series because of Akira Toriyama's art direction and all I can say right now is that I am really enjoying this game. It's a fun and colorfully animated JRPG with a classical fantasy setting, packed with quest archetypes and cartoonishly familiar looking characters.The variable sound options, including synthesised, orchestral and archival (DQVIII) as well as the 2D and 3D visual styles diversifies the game in a way that makes it enjoyable on several different levels. As someone new to the series I didn't know what to expect from the story, it's your typical 'heroes journey' and is easily accessible to players both seasoned and green.

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