Jeecoo Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, Xbox One S – Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones with Microphone – LED Light Soft Earmuffs Bass Surround Compatible with Xbox One PC Laptop Nintendo Switch Games

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User reviews

 I recently got this gaming headset and have been using it every day since! Before having these headphones I used a pair of dollar general headphones that cost twenty dollars (almost just as much), so these were a huge upgrade. For thirty bucks these things work great. They Fit comfortably on your ears, have amazing sound quality, are simple to set up, and so much more that I will list later on.One thing to note is that because of how Xbox controllers are made you will need some sort of adapter to hook it up to one. I tried using it with my Xbox and realized this right away. It kinda sucks but there isn't really a way around it because Xbox controllers have really weird ports. Before I get into all the pros there was one other thing that kind of confused me about the headset. The volume control/mute button are located at least a foot down the cord from the headset. Whenever I am sitting around gaming it takes me a second to find which can be deadly in certain fast-paced games. I am guessing there is some sort of reason for this but I can't figure it out. If something comes to mind I will update this review.Now onto the Pros (there's a lot!)*The gaming headset fits comfortably on my head - this is really important for people who will sit and game for long periods at a time. If they don't fit comfortably I start to get a headache and it completely ruins my gaming fun. This headset has lots of soft foam padding which I love.*Cool RGB lighting - The headset has some simple colorful lighting on the side which adds a bit of extra flair to your setup.*adjustable size - You can adjust the size to make sure it fits your head properly. Personally, I use mine at the smallest size possible, and it works great!*Very easy setup - I have never used it with anything other than my PC, but it was super easy to set up. You literally just plug the 3.5 mm plug into the jack on your pc and start playing. Note: if your laptop/PC has two separate jacks for mic/headphones you will need a splitter in order to use this headset's mic properly. Luckily my PC has one plug so I was able to get it working pretty fast. The USB cable coming from the headset seems to be strictly for lighting purposes, so if you don't want the headset to light up you don't need to plug it in.*Mic quality is pretty good - Normally on cheaper equipment, the mic's will suck, but that's not the case here! The mic worked great.*Simple sound controls - Piggy Backing on the last one the controls for the mic/volume are super simple. All though they are located a bit to far down the cord for my liking, they work and that's what matters. There is a scroll wheel to adjust the volume and a switch to mute/un-mute the mic.There are a lot more little things that I liked like the texture of the sides of the headset, but I don't want to overflow this review with to much of that stuff. Overall I really liked this headset, especially since it is only thirty dollars! A great headset for a great price.
When I got those headphones I was so happy that they were big and comfortable. I went through bunch of headphones in my life and I really hate small ones that sit on top of your ears.Those headphones are generously BIG and go over entire ear. This size makes entire experience so much better because after wearing them for hours either playing games or listening to music, your ears do not hurt.Size is only one of the best features of this headphones. The most important reason why anyone would buy those is Sound Quality - of course. First time I put them on and listened to my music on my computer my reaction was WOOOWW !!! They sound like my Bose headphones. What a fantastic headphones !!! On top of everything, there is a volume control and mic On/Off button. So handy and useful. Just Great design. Talking about design, I was impressed that wire cable is not cheap but well made.Headphone covers are big and soft canceling outside noises.Supporting bracket that goes over your head has also thick padding. You can use those headphones with any device. They come with regular stereo jack and extension cable that allows them to be plugged virtually into anything that plays like Xbox, iPad, iPhone Android devices, Laptops, Desktops.I mostly use them with my PC for listening to a music, playing games and when I work on my PC.Attached microphone has great quality. I record and edit few videos per week and heaving headphones with mic is essential to my work. I've connected those to my SONY Camcorder and did background commentary on my Sony Vegas editing software using this microphone. My voice comes perfect.Extension cable has microphone and headphone jack for your PC. I use this cable the most.If I connect USB connector, lights on headphones light up. Cool feature. Overall, those are FANTASTIC headphones with super quality sound and comfort.
 I've been using this headset everyday for a month for music, games and movies and I must say, theres a lot of great things about them. I've been using the same old headset since before my kids were even born almost a decade ago and these are a welcome change.PROS:1. Comfort - Extremely comfortable and soft on your head. Its like pillows around your ears. I wear them in long gaming sessions and when I do virtual reality and I have never had a comfort issue.2. Sound - Good and clear sound that really does a great job at enjoyable audio regardless of what type of music, game, or movie you are enjoying.3. Microphone - Its a headset microphone, I dont really judge any gaming headset based on the quality of a microphone since at its core its a condenser lavalier microhone on a stick mounted to a headset. It sounds as good as any lav mic can possibly sound.4. Build quality - It does have an all plastic construction but the build of it feels tight and sturdy. Its not too heavy and feels well made all around. I have a feeling it will last long time. The cable is a nice braided cable as well.5. Compatibility - It has a cable adapter so you can plug into a computer or into a phone. I havent tested it with a console since I dont have PS4 or Xbox but I hear it does work with them.CONS:1. Nothing I could find - I really really searched for something I could dislike, but I love these headphones. I enjoy them more than my old logitech g430 set. No known downsides in my personal experience so far.FINAL THOUGHTS:This is a great buy for the money, this is an overall fantastic headset that I highly recommend to gamers. Get it and enjoy your game while cancelling out all of the noises the world can throw at you.

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