Nintendo Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 2, 3, 4 for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, 1-Pack (6 Cards/Pack) (Bundle) Includes 18 Cards Total

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Animal Crossing-themed Near Field Communication (NFC) Capable Amiibo trading cards that work with both Wii U and Handheld Nintendo 3DS games 6 Amiibo cards per pack - 18 Cards Total By tapping the Amiibo over your Wii U GamePad, you'll open up new experiences within each corresponding game.

User reviews

These amiibo cards are awesome!!!! Love that I can get certain villagers to move right into my town, and that some cards also work with Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing amiibo party. I love that game! It's like Mario Party Animal Crossing style!!! I have 4 packs of Animal Crossing cards. I got so excited when I ordered my first pack, opened them, and saw one of my favorite villagers, Stitches, in that pack! That alone gives it a 5 star rating!!! Also loved that another villager I enjoy, Drift, was in there as well! Also got some villagers I really like that I wasn't expecting. Eggbert being one of them, O'Hare being another, as well as Tangy!! Also got cool villagers that I've never had in any of my towns before. Like Savannah, Molly, Samson, and Kitt. Would name them all off but that would spoil the fun! I would absolutely buy these cards again! Great quality and came really fast! Well done Amazon!
So I’ve collected amiibo figures for my kids and they break and you spend forever wondering what the amiibo is because the figure is gone and permanent marker doesn’t actually stay on long.When I discovered cards I was thrilled. They were easy to keep track of and you get more for your money.
I got the Special card I wanted right off the bat. Building up my collection for New Horizons and my other AC games.

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