Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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Take your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller; Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built in amiibo functionality, and more; Comes with charging cable (USB C to USB A)

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I bought one at Gamestop and the left joystick stopped working after a few months. I sent it back to Nintendo under warranty thinking it was a fluke and bought another one while it was being repaired. The first one came back and worked fine but then after a few more months both failed, out of warranty. The problem seems to be the ball cover of the joystick top rubs against the round opening of the case and creates all sorts of plastic dust that gets into the joystick electronic switches and causes them to fail. I opened up the case, blew out the electronics and it worked for a little bit but then the problem came back, even though I kept the joystick top clean. I tried isopropyl alcohol to flush it, vacuumed it out and it worked afterwards for a week of heavy use but then failed again. I was quoted $25 or $29 to repair. But instead I bought a third party one and it has worked longer than the other two and continues to work. Until they fix this design flaw don't throw your money away. Shame because when it works, its smooth and responsive and has a very nice feel.
I keep giving Nintendo my money. I bought it as I started playing Zelda BOTW and didn't particularly like playing with the joycons attached. Hated to lay out another 70 bucks for a controller... but I did and I'm satisfied. Build quality on this is better than my Xbox, and the battery lasts seemingly forever. I love the feel of this compared to the Xbox controllers too. Damn you Nintendo... now I have 4 joycons (for mario cart), plus an extra controller, plus a charger, plus the plastic steering wheels. What will you make me buy next :).
I purchased this when I ordered Super Mario Odyssey because my original Grey Joy-cons suffer from the notorious connection interference. This controller is absolutely amazing! It charges over the included USB-C cable that can be connected to one of the two front facing USB ports on the switch dock or any other USB that powers the device according to the specifications. It stays charged for a really long time especially compared to the PS4 controllers. I haven't quite expereienced the claimed "40 hour lifespan" that is advertised on the box but it is well over 30+ hours. If you prefer a traditional gamepad as opposed to the joycons I couldn't recommend this enough. It supports amiibo and features motion controls that can still be used in a range of games. Wonderful product!

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