Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con – HAC-001(-01)

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Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like. Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, and left and right Joy‑Con controllers in a contrasting gray. Also includes all the extras you need to get started. Model...

User reviews

Everything about the physical device, i feel like is pretty well made. Good set up, some minor future issues that are mitigated by screen protectors and similar. Several easy to work with ways to play it, kinda fun in its novelties on its build.My issue?1) games are ridiculously expensive. So many are over priced.2) Online play required by Nintendo for a not good service is poor. Especially for things like minecraft.3) Where are any older games. The games that Nintendo has no need to keep out of the store. The old pokemon, Zelda games, or any games really. Like, great you are putting witcher 3 on there...But not Orignal Zelda and Ocherina of time?Physical? Great! Nintendo online and games? Bad. 1 or 2 games does not make the switch worth buying. PC has better prices, easier to work with, and you can play almost any game out there.
This is my review of the 'V2' (2019) version of the Nintendo Switch (model #HAC-001(-01)).So a little background, I was a enthusiastic PC gamer in college who built my own PCs for the purpose and am now - due to the demands of adulthood - someone who only plays the occasional game. My last handheld Nintendo console was the black and white Game Boy Pocket in the early 90's, so I've been away from the platform ---- a while.I bought the Switch purely because I learned they had ported Skyrim to it, and as a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls genre I was hoping to devote some of my train commute to questing around Tamriel. In this sense, the Switch does not disappoint. I am not a graphics connoisseur, but - compared to the PC version - Skryim plays really well on the Switch. No perceptible lag, colors are crisp. Yes, it's missing the expansions and yes, the text can be a little small, but that's a fair trade-off for the portability this platform brings.So far, I only own 2 games - Skyrim and MarioKart 8 (another throwback to my college dorm days on the N64), and I love playing both on the Switch, MaroKart is obviously the newer game and so the graphics and gameplay are much better but I'm a still a sucker for Skyrim (at least until the next ES is released, hopefully in my lifetime).Anyway, all this to say the Nintendo Switch is a great console for busy adults who want to reminisce about the fun they had 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. The Switch doesn't take itself too seriously (which I love) but that means it might not be the right choice for people concerned with the perfect graphic or gameplay experience - there are dedicated consoles that do this much better. What the Switch does is make gaming on the go effortless, fun for the average busy person and something you can really enjoy with your whole family - which I think was Nintendo's real goal here all along.
This revised model of the Switch comes with a number of features that I honestly can't fully appreciate as someone who didn't own the previous model. The big thing that drew me in was the extended battery life, even though so far I haven't played much in handheld mode and not at all in tabletop, but they use the same amount of battery either way I would imagine. The reason I'm giving this system five stars probably say more about how good it is than anything else. But I pretty much expected as much. I'm sure by now you can go online and find more detailed reviews for the gaming system, but in case you're wondering here, this one comes with the system, two gray joycons, two attachments to turn each joycon into its own controller, a base to connect both joycons into the formation of a singular controller, the required cables, and the Switch dock. So you'll probably want to buy a few things alongside this such as an SD card for reasonable storage space, a pro controller for a more standard controller experience, maybe a dock sleeve to prevent the possibility of scratching the screen from insertion and ejection of the system, an online pass if you plan to play any games with online features... just basically a lot of things that would be nice if they came with the system itself. This will inflate the price further, but the thing here is that this is going to replace the old models of the Switch and simply make this the main one manufactured now. So... basically, if you want a cheaper Switch you'll want to get a Switch Lite and this one will still cost about 300 bucks like the 2.5+ year-old original variant still costs. That is, unless you want to go used. I'm only bringing up these points because while this is a great system, I do think you should be aware of what is likely to happen with prices and availability going forward and plan accordingly. Once I realize a Switch was still going to cost the same if I wanted the ability to do on and off TV play I decided I might as well just hop on board with this newer variant. I'd recommend you do the same as it has had tweaks to make it just a slightly better version all around than the previous model. Otherwise, if price is a concern, wait for the Switch Lite and see how it tickles your fancy. Also, here's tip. If you want to turn the system off as opposed to leaving it in sleep mode, simply hold down the power button on the system for a few seconds and then a menu will appear with the option to restart or shut down. Also note that you cannot play on the TV off of the Switch's battery power. The dock needs to be plugged in for the dock to function. I hope something in here was helpful.

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