Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 128GB

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Oculus quest gaming system 128GB - Oculus quest us/ca/jp/tw, 128GB

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I bought this because I love to share VR with people. I was hoping for something that required less set-up, and this is mostly a fit.But it HURTS my head. I'm not prone to headaches or nausea - I use the Oculus Rift every day. But the Quest is too heavy, and doesn't have facial interface meant to handle the weight. It digs into my cheekbones, and if I tilt it up off my cheekbones, it's got to be strapped so tight that it hurts my forehead.Pros:- Powerful and beautiful. It's got great rendering capability, and a great frame rate.- Fantastic display. Minimum screen door effect, no smearing, high resolution.- Portable. The guardian system is quick to set up, it's tracking from the moment you put it on.- Headset tracking is flawless, and controller tracking is very good even around the edges.- Many of my games transferred over! I got Robo Recall, Tilt Brush, I Expect You To Die and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for free, but I will have to re-purchase Beat Saber, Moss and Super Hot.Cons:- Heavy. I'm beyond belief how heavy this thing is, and how "sharp" the bottom of the facial interface feels. I won't be able to play this much. I'm going to have to acclimate or return it, and I honestly wouldn't bet on either outcome.- Short battery life. It'll outlast a LONG game session, but it won't outlast a road trip, so keep your charger handy. That being said, it's amazing battery life considering what kind of power this thing has.- Screen sharing isn't very good in quality or reliability, and some games like Beat Saber don't support it. A wired option would be nice, or a more reliable wireless stream. I chose this because it's easier to take places and share experiences and "screen sharing" was a selling point. I am disappointed.Also:- The audio is good considering it's not over the ear, but it's a disappointment that it is lacking the quality of an over-the-ear option.- Absolutely TINY game store. Since the store just opened today, many of the titles are labeled "Released 2 hours ago," so I expect there will be more. The Rift had the same problem, and it quickly improved.
The Oculus Quest is amazing. It has blown me away with its ease of use and attention to detail. This is pretty much the toy I have dreamed of since the rudimentary VR arcade games of the late 1980s. My one minor complaint is that the comfort level is merely satisfactory... I wish it was smaller and lighter, but this is a predictable concern when strapping a powerful game console to your face.SETUP: Within 10 minutes of opening the box, I was walking around inside a virtual world, adapting to my virtual hands by throwing VR paper airplanes and stacking VR blocks. Setup was incredibly quick and easy: download the phone app, put on the Quest, then use a controller to laser-draw a line around the edge of your open play area. All done.PLAY SPACE: Once you define your open play zone, you can walk around inside it safely while wearing Quest. If you approach the edge of the safe zone, the boundary becomes visible as a giant net in space, much like the walls of a Star Trek holodeck. If you reach or step through the boundary/net, there is a cool warning effect and your hand turns red. If you do not quickly return to the safe area, the VR world disappears and is replaced by a live camera view of your real environment. I can not say enough good things about this process/interface: simple, effective, seamless, robust, fun...SUPERB!Oculus recommends an open play space 6.5ft x 6.5ft, just enough to duck and dodge and hide behind cover. With a larger space, you will see the border/net less often. 10x10ft is plenty; I have never wanted to dive on the ground or anything.COMFORT: Quest is my first VR headset. The comfort level is about what I expected: it feels a little awkward, but not too bad, somewhat like a motorcycle helmet. The foam is soft, thick, and comfortable on my face. Adjustable straps on the sides and top (three total) are well-made and easy to adjust to suit my preferred snugness. Still, I am well aware that I have a computer hanging on my face.After about 60 minutes, I started to feel pressure soreness. Perhaps I have the straps too tight, but when I loosen them I fear that the headset may become unstable (shift on my head) if I jump around too much. There is definitely a trade-off here between facial comfort and tightness/stability.I wear prescription glasses. Quest includes a "spacer" you can place under the foam to create more space for glasses, and this worked well. My glasses did not interfere with anything.I never noticed any heat from the system, and my face never felt overheated, stuffy, or sweaty.GRAPHICS: The graphics look good, but not jaw-dropping. It feels like a 720p HDTV... plenty of resolution to create impressive visuals and details, especially with cartoony-style environments, but not enough pixels to make you forget you are looking at a video screen. Most importantly, motion was always smooth. I never noticed any stutter or framerate issues. Even fast-moving objects look great, with no ghosting or stuttering.CONCLUSION: Although the visual resolution feels a few years old, the frame rates are smooth, the system stays cool to the touch, and there are no wires to limit your motion. Super easy to use, perfect for travel and sharing. I am completely satisfied. Buy it.
I've had almost every version of Oculus VR and was an early adopter with owning both dev kits as both a gamer and a game designer.The Oculus Quest is a great leap forward and I would 100% recommend this headset to anyone looking to get into VR, you most likely also will only need the 64gb unless you plan on storing moves and such.My biggest issue with this headset would be it's significantly heavier then the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift, the Oculus Go felt as close to wearing nothing as possible, its way more comfortable then the Quest, to the point I forget I'm wearing it sometimes. With the Quest I am constantly reminded it is on my face, to the point I just have to take it off after 20 minutes or so because it is uncomfortable. It is a very odd problem, because when I hold both of them in my hands the weight doesn't seem that significant, but when I'm wearing the product it is 100% apparent. This being said if you have had little to no experience with the Go or Rift this most likely isn't going to be a big issue.Other than this it is great, the games are amazing, tracking is awesome and being wireless is phenomenal.

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