PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4

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Do you hate having extended gaming sessions interrupted by dead controller batteries? Don't think about pausing your gaming to charge a controller-the DualShock 4 Charging Station for PlayStation 4 helps you game longer; With room for up to two DualShock 4 controllers, you can always leave a...

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Going from a cord used for charging to this charging station has been revolutionary!It's not as convenient as it could be simply because you cannot charge and use the controller at the same time like you can with a charging cable. If you have 2 controllers though, that shouldn't be an issue at all! I leave one controller on the charging station at all times (there's an intermediate 'setting' on the dock which lets you set the controller within the docking cradle, but not set it far enough down to initiate charging) while I use the other controller. With the amount of life that one controller gives, I can fully charge the other controller a few times over and just switch them out when the one I'm using gets low!It's a basic thin, plastic base which feels cheap-ish, but that's negligible to the amount of use you get out of it! It prevents you from having to plug your wireless controller in to charge. It gets rid of the unsightly/annoying cord draped over your lap. It looks sleek while also being useful!How-to: Set your Ps4 controller into one of the cradles. Push the controller down into the cradle until you hear/feel a solid 'click'. If you do it right, the controller's light bar will start pulsing a dim yellow/orange to let you know it's charging. When charging is complete, the light bar will no longer pulse.To release: Push down on the controller again and you will hear/feel another click and will be able to lift the controller out of the station.Pros:Controller light bar will pulse a gentle yellow/orange while charging to let you know it's workingCan hold a controller without having to charge it (see above notes)Looks good next to the Ps4!Charges your controller within an hour or two and lets you get back to gaming quick!There's a slight divot in each cradle that has an indication as to where the 'PS' button will go to make lining up easyHas a notch on the bottom for the cord so it sits evenly on the tableCons:Relatively cheap materialDoesn't have an extra 'hook' for headphone storage
Ok, so, if you manage to get your PS4 controller seated properly and do not touch it afterwards, it charges the device. Hence the one star.However, it is very hard to get the controller seated, and once you do, the slightest touch will loosen it from the contacts. The build quality is low. It is flimsy plastic which is easily broken.There is a "feature" where you place the controller into the charger, and then press down so it engages the charging contacts. The charger clicks as if the controller were seated. Well, no. The receiver has clicked, but the controller is still essentially "floating" on the charger base. Even just the contact of your fingers as you try to let go of the controller will knock it loose.This is a piece of junk. Buy something else.
I've been a gamer for over 30 years, and I've never in my life bought a controller charging station.To be fair, I didn't really have much in the way of cashflow for the first 10 of those years, and controllers didn't really become wireless until I was, like, 20 but MOVING ON.This thing is a life saver.There is nothing worse then sitting down for a marathon sessions of The Witcher 3 and then realize that your controller is down to a single bar...and you can't find the damned charging cord. And when you DO find it, it's, like, 2 feet long, so you have to play the game like f'n Smeagol for an hour while it charges.This beautiful little bastard fixes that.Now, after I'm done answering age old questions like 'How many times can I get teabagged in one match of Destiny 2?' and 'How long does this Anthem loading screen really have to be?', I can plop my controller into this comforting little cradle and never have to worry about a dead controller ever, ever again.The only down side is that it can only charge two controllers at a time, so keeping four controllers charged is a little troublesome.But I don't have friends so, really, that is a minor nit-pick.

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