Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse: Bluetooth & Wireless Compatible – 16K DPI Optical Sensor – 6 Programmable Buttons – 450 Hr Battery – Classic Black

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  • Brand: Razer
  • Series: Basilisk X HyperSpeed
  • Item model number: RZ01-03150100-R3U1
  • Hardware Platform: PC
  • Item Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.96 x 5.12 x 1.67 inches
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 2.96 x 5.12 x 1.67 inches
  • Batteries: 1 AA batteries required. (included)
  • Manufacturer: Razer Inc.
  • Date First Available: November 6, 2019


With a high-speed transmission, extremely low latency, and seamless frequency switching in the noisiest environments, you won't even realize that you're gaming with a wireless mouse.

User reviews

I use the original G502 before hero came out for years then moved to the M65 which I loved.Now I have a NEW wireless set up using the G915 keyboard, I’ve been searching for the best WIRELESS gaming mouse for myself. I BOUGHT and RETURNED: G703, G902, G PRO, G502 LS, Dark Core, Razer mamba & viper. I was going to stick with the viper even thro it was too small for my larger right hand. Until I seen the Basilisk Ultimate release. Returned the Viper tried out the Basilisk and now my new wireless set up is completed. This is a true G502 killer, if you bought the G502LS well return it and buy this. The thumb paddle is better to press than the G502 and the Basilisk PTFE feet glides so smooth/feels better in my hand and RBS is amazing compeer to all wireless mouse and to top that off it weighs less with no double click issues and a RBG charging dockI really like the IDEA of the thumb “Clutch/Paddle” button but I do wish the piece was longer.I would of taking less battery power option if they could have got this down to 99g or less.Customizable Scroll Wheel Resistance is a fantastic idea to compete with Logitech free wheel.Every company should now be using PTFE feet glides. Good job Razer.Razer Synapse 3 works well for me no issues with software. Macros/KeybindsWifi 2.4 Hyperspeed Wireless is amazing NO LAG what’s so everI mostly use the NVIDIA SHEILD TV and play OVERWATCH or when I work from home/laptop.Since I use the Nvidia Shield to play Overwatch I need to map the mouse side buttons to a number/letter to make it work in game on the Shield. This works well and macros too. I have to save all settings to the ON BOARD MEMORY. I wish I had more than 5 profiles but I am happy that I have 5 and not just 1-3I am very DISSAPOINTED that no RBG lighting settings SAVE to OnBoard memory. Even a few simple options to be saved would have been grateful. Oh-well…Basilisk ProsHyperspeed Wireless – ZERO LAG and 100% amazingThe RGB charging DOCK is simply PERFECT, what a great feature.PTFE glides mouse feet are the best. All mice should come with this.Fits my right larger hand type very well.Love the thumb restClutch/Paddle (sniper) thumb button piece feels GREAT to pressSide buttons are larger than viper buttons.Perfect length on the left/right mouse clicksClicking all buttons feel GREATCustomizable Scroll Wheel Resistance (Logitech free wheel still better)Left/Right wheel buttons are great to have. (I use them for some macros)Works well on the Razer Sphex V2 & SteelSeries QcK mouse padsGrips very well, feels good in handSensor seem to be greatSmall size dongleGlides very wellStill can use wired if neededBattery life is amazingWorks great on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV deviceRBG lighting is absolutely beautiful !On board memory 5 profilesBasilisk Cons! On board memory does NOT save RBG lighting settings =( WTF WHY?The clutch button piece could be LONGER or longer option pieces (still better than G502)Not UBS-C (Doesn’t really matter as there is a charging dock)No Bluetoothbig scroll wheelSome Finger prints showWeight (Could be lighter - #1 thing to improve on)PRICE(But at $170 with dock it’s cheaper than getting a G502LS with charging mat)
Nothing is ever 5 stars - hence 4 star review.I haven't seen anything that compared this to the G502 on reddit (maybe I'm just not looking hard enough I suppose), so I just wanted to post something here, as a totally unofficial reviewer but a consumer.The way I play games, my wrist generally doesn't move or moves very little, if that gives you an idea of how I hold mice. The feel of the Basilisk is super similar to the G502, nearly the exact same shape which is a good thing because the G502 fit my larger hand very comfortably.I think the biggest other concern I had was the "clickyness" of the left and right mouse buttons. I had used a Deathadder Elite before and honestly, I just really hated it because of how squishy the left and right buttons felt. This mouse uses a different switch, and it feels a lot "clickier", nearly the same as the G502. Truthfully, the G502 is clickier and I think also has a cleaner click noise (seems like a shorter, sharper click noise than the Basilisk), but the Basilisk click is close enough to the G502 click that it hasn't bothered me at all. In terms of actuation force, I think the G502 required maybe a little bit more, but the force is fine on the Basilisk. The biggest thing to me was that it didn't feel smooshy at all, and it doesn't!Middle (mouse wheel) click is horrendous. Just do not use.Of course, the RGB is better than anything out there, and the included charging stand works well (and includes settings for lights changing based on various charging states).I've owned the G502 for nearly 2 years and I was curious to see how wireless mice had progressed since the last one I owned (another Logitech mouse, I think the 702 or something) back in 2015. So far, playing League of Legends (I use controller for FPS) I haven't noticed any problems, and it does feel quite liberating to not have the cable holding it back :-)Overall, I'm satisfied with the (expensive) mouse. I guess if there was one thing I could change on it, it would be to have the ability to charge it on that cool mousepad Razer makes that charges another one of their wireless mice (forget the name of it). Other than that, I think it's great and I think I will allow this to replace my G502.
Supposed to be brand new but the clutch didn't work. When pressed, stayed pressed even when let go. Returned immediately.Update: Received a new one and the clutch button only worked half the time, then, stopped working all together. Returned for yet another one.

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