Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse: 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor – Chroma RGB Lighting – Interchangeable Side Plate w/ 2, 7, 12 Button Configurations – Mechanical Switches

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  • Brand: Razer
  • Item model number: RZ01-02410100-R3U1
  • Hardware Platform: Universal, PC
  • Item Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required.
  • Manufacturer: Razer Inc.
  • ASIN: B0788MCRGC
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: January 1, 2018


Experience the power of total control in your hand, no matter what game you play. Designed to provide you that Edge you need in MOBA/MMO gameplay, the Razer Naga Trinity lets you configure your mouse for everything from Weapons to build customizations so you'll always be ahead of the competition....

User reviews

Getting the double clicking problem and can't properly move cameras in games like WoW or FPS games. When holding the right click and moving the camera, it randomly "stops holding the click" even if you never lift your finger so then the camera stops moving. Then it catches up and starts clicking again as you continue to hold it and end up clicking something you didn't want to click on screen. Terrible design. The older Naga never had this issue. The Trinity is bad and all of the incoming reviews after a year or two of being out prove it.
I've been using this mouse for about a month now. Coming from a 400-4,000 DPI mouse, this is a definite upgrade. The 5G optical sensor they threw into it is one of the fastest sensors on the market, and the Ormond switches are top-of-the-line. But even that's not the best part about this mouse.The best part about it is the price. I know, $100 is a bit much for a mouse. I get that. But when you consider exactly what you're getting for that $100, you're getting the best deal.We'll start with the standard 7 button mouse. The closest relative to this configuration is the DeathAdder Elite Chroma. The only differences between the Naga Trinity and the DeathAdder (replaceable button panels notwithstanding) are the texture under the two buttons on the panel and the fact that the Naga Trinity has a 'shelf' for your ring finger, where the DeathAdder does not. The DeathAdder is $67.99.The 14 button configuration (this one has the 7 button MOBA panel) is most closely resembled by the Naga Hex V2. In fact, it's a perfect representation of that particular mouse. The Naga Hex V2 is $44.99 refurbished, and $74.49 new (and that's the least expensive option).In the 19 button configuration (this one has the 12 button MMO panel) is a perfect representation of the Naga Chroma MMO mouse. If you were to buy a new one, this one would cost you at least $93.00.Add all those up, and you get $235.98. But you're getting the functionality, RGB, Chroma, Synapse (more on this later) for $100. Tell me again where you'll find another deal like that. Not to mention the fact that it's a really good, smooth, fast mouse with a different mechanic on the mouse wheel. It rocks left and right, and it's set to scroll websites and documents without rolling the wheel. And of course, you can program each individual button for individual tasks, depending on the situation. They say you have to reboot your computer to change out the panels, but that's simply not true. Synapse recognizes the changes on the fly, and the mouse doesn't suffer any adverse effects. Pop one off, put another one on. Simple.So... why the 4 stars? Synapse. This version (Synapse 3 beta) is something I hope they continue to work on. It's lost the intuitive feel previous versions have had. And no, previous versions weren't perfect. In fact, it would often stop loading profiles, do strange things to the lights of the BlackWidow X Chroma, then load a single color profile. Of course, when that profile was no longer needed, Synapse would reload the desktop profile, and everything would be fine again. Synapse 3 made it harder for me to program an RGB profile for the keyboard. However, I can set individual functions to individual buttons on the mouse. For instance, the BlackWidow X Chroma doesn't have volume controls without using the FN key. I programmed those three functions to the mouse's 7 button panel. If Synapse gets better, I'll change the rating. However, until it does, I'll just hold onto that star. I hope you're listening Razer. You claim to be 'by gamers, for gamers'.
So about 4-5 months ago my Razer Naga Chroma had a problem with two of the side buttons (1 and 7) requiring significantly more force than intended to actuate. I wasn't surprised that the mouse was having problems, as I usually have to replace Razer mice after a couple years or so, and this one was reaching the end of its life. The search for a new mouse began, and unfortunately I had built an unhealthy reliance on the 12 side buttons and Razer Synapse software for the MMOs I play. I was unable to find a "regular" Razer Naga on the market, other than 3rd party amazon sellers charging upwards of $150. My only options were this overpriced mouse with the interchangeable side buttons which I have absolutely no use for, or going with a different company. Boy do I regret going with the former.When I first received the mouse, it was mildly frustrating that the layout and feel of the buttons, as well as shape, size, weight of the mouse and scroll wheel had changed drastically (for the worse) since my last Naga. I've been using Razer Nagas for 8 years and have never complained about the changes (and they've gone through a lot since the Razer Naga Epic back in 2010,) but these are terrible.Since day 1, the scroll wheel (which now scrolls in huge clicky steps,) has had this extremely frustrating problem where it scrolls down after finishing a scroll up, and vice versa. This is a huge problem in everything I do on my computer, from video games to browsing the internet. Trying to use an ability bound to scroll down, only for it to also use the ability I have bound to scroll up. Trying to scroll up on a webpage, only for it to scroll back down a notch after I reach the top. This is awful, and it happens all the time, but that's not the only problem with this mouse.After only a couple weeks of use, the side mouse buttons would completely stop working. I was infuriated with this, but I found that taking off the side panel, blowing it off and replacing it fixed the problem. This I could deal with, as long as it only happened a couple times a month. But it's started to happen every other day now. It's very frustrating when you're in the middle of a game and half of your keybinds are unusable because of your poorly designed mouse!Though this may just be a personal problem, this is the first mouse out of the Razer lineup where I've experienced severe pain in my right hand. I believe this is due to poorly designed ergonomics and the increased weight of the mouse. This mouse has taken 50 steps back from the mouse they released 8 years ago. It's crazy!Now for the most recent problem. The last straw, and why this will be the last time I purchase something from Razer again. Yesterday I noticed in World of Warcraft that my character was constantly stuttering while moving by holding both mouse buttons. I figured that it was some kind of FPS lag, but no, the mouse already has the infamous Razer double clicking problem. About half of my left clicks are registered twice now, which makes this mouse completely unusable. It's hard to believe that even though I've taken such great care of this mouse, it's already falling apart where it sits.This experience has really made me reflect on how Razer has intentionally let the quality of their products decline over the years. They build their products to fall apart by the time they release their next model, just so you're inclined to upgrade. I remember enjoying my Razer Naga Epic for over 4 years without any problems, and buying the next version because I was EXCITED for it. In fact my brother still uses that same old mouse for occasional gaming, and the only thing that doesn't work is the scroll wheel click. Unfortunately the only time I shop for Razer products any more is because my old one broke, and being that kind of consumer is not for me. I appreciate the quality and durability of products I purchase, and unfortunately this product completely lacks both.Hopefully I can find a quality durable mouse from somewhere else that meets my needs, but I would rather taper my dependence on those side buttons than ever purchase a mouse from Razer again.

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