Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Nintendo Switch

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The path to victory is the one you determine; See the marvels of Your empire spread across the map; Unlock boosts that speed Your civilization's progress through history; Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Content Description: Drug Reference, Language, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes

User reviews I like Civilization VI?If you know you like Civ VI, skip to the bottom.If you don't know you like it, read up and watch some gameplay videos. People love this game and spend a lot of their lives playing it, but that sword cuts on both sides.Things to know:The tutorial (just the tutorial!) will probably take over two hours if played 'correctly' (I was able to finish in one by focusing on the ambiguous victory condition - destroy the opposing capital).You will need to pay attention - mostly the game will help you not leave units, production, and research idle, but you can lose track of things.There are cheesy cut scenes - but the voice acting is good and in native languages (mostly you hear from other leaders, who are drawn from our global history).Civ VI is huge. Multiple trees: science, technology, research, government, civics, etc. There are many common units and unique units to specific leaders. You will want to play other leaders. You may want to research and plan before starting a civilization.So you like Civ VI already?This is a good port of a PC game. The most glaring issue I have is with inconsistent buttons (B is mostly back, but in at least one case X is back). There are also cases when I don't know what to do, like when upgrading government you must pick policies before you can confirm and exit that screen, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere. This may be present in the original PC game, but is unexpected on Switch.
I have been a fan of Civilization since its original 1991 release. This edition is a great continuation of the series adding more depth and efficiency to the gameplay. It stays very true to prior editions of the game, so if you've played any prior version the learning curve is not steep. New players will definitely want to run through the tutorials to get up to speed - once you're there you will be hooked!For the uninitiated this is a turn based strategy game that involves building up a civilization. That includes creating cities, developing new technologies, building trade and diplomatic relationships, experimenting with different forms of government, and a heck of a lot more. There are so many different paths you can take that the game really has almost infinite replay value.The Switch version is excellent and retains most of what might be found on the PC version yet can played in portable form or on a TV. It runs at a decent frame rate and feels very natural on the console despite its PC roots. It will work with the controller or touch display. Controls take a little bit of getting used to if you've primarily been a PC player but there is a Switch specific tutorial for acclimating to the Switch version.I am knocking off a star for two reasons:1. Multiplayer is local only. Given that I'm paying for this Nintendo Online subscription it's unfortunate a flagship game like this doesn't take advantage of that. I would love to challenge my friends to a game.2. 2k decided to not store save games from Civ VI with the Nintendo cloud backup feature. They offer a free alternative through their services but that requires turning over some of your personal information to them. It also is not a syncing service so if you're offline you can't load your game that's stored on the cloud server. This means you'll be manually syncing your saves to the cloud when you want to make a backup copy. Too much file management for me especially when there's a built-in sync function that would work fine through Nintendo's cloud.Some may see this as a plus since you don't need to have a Nintendo online account to make a cloud save. But I'd much prefer to store my saves on Nintendo's cloud and have them backup automatically the next time I have a connection.One last thought to ponder: if you're attracted to the portability of the game on Switch do give the iPad / iOS version some consideration. The iPad version of the full game costs only $20 and gives you more screen real estate to play with.
Personally, as a fan of strategy/puzzle games with a perfect mix of history and some good ole conquest, i think it’s a great game. I haven’t fully figured out if it’s an exact full version of the game as the pc version, but it checks out so far. Civ fans new and old, u can now run your empire from your hands while you poop.

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