SimCity Complete Edition [Online Game Code]

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Get all the extras with SimCity: Complete Edition.; Lay out streets, plunk down buildings and plot zones effortlessly.; Each Sim that comes to live in your town is a unique individual, and they're quick to let you know how they feel.; Play Offline or Online: The choice is yours. Play anytime,...

User reviews

I bought the digital version thinking that I could download it and play it. Wasted $9.99 because it simply does not work with Windows 10. At first I thought I could get it to work if I downloaded some platform required to run it called "Origin", but that will not download, so there is no way to play this SimCity game. When I looked up how to get Origin to run on my computer, the fix required going into the registry of my computer to get around the permissions, which is something I'm just not comfortable doing. Someone should explain in the description of the game that it requires Origin to load it and play it. Very disappointed. Would like my money back.
This is complete bs. It states "download", but you actually have to go EA's site and download something called "Origin". Basically you're paying to have them ^%&(#@ advertise to you. I am so angry, I'm beyond words. When Amazon states "download" that should mean I can download the game directly to my computer without "additional" downloads.I will never buy a game from Amazon again. How dare you people! @#$%^& you!
Had I known Amazon doesn't manage the licensing and download for this game, I wouldn't have purchased the online game code. What a horrific experience! On purchasing the online game code, you are directed to Origin to download the game. Initially I thought this wasn't a problem, but I was wrong. First, you have to create an Origin account. I created an account, but the system wouldn't send the registration code to finalize the account setup. After several hours, a registration code would come, but the code wouldn't work. I searched the Internet and found this is a common problem. So, then I tried to get in contact with Origin customer service. What a joke! By phone, the wait times ranged between five to eight hours. By chat, the wait times ranged between three to eight hours. After three days of trying to get customer service, I gave up. I tried to return the game code, but Amazon doesn't allow you to return game codes. So, I decided to create another Origin account. This time, everything worked. So on day four I was able to download the game. I thought I could just download the game and be done with Origin. Nope! You have to be logged into Origin to be able to play, even though I downloaded the full desktop version of the game.The game itself is a great game. It's what I have grown to expect from the SimCity franchise. Maxis Studios has always done a good job. There are few bugs in the game, and unfortunately I don't expect they will be addressed. In short, it's a good game and I recommend buying the actual disk instead of the online game code. Dealing with Origin is terrible.

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