Super Mario Party

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Up to 4 players take turns rolling the dice, and individually race across the board searching for Stars; In Toad’s Rec Room Mode, new game play links 2 Nintendo Switch systems for side by side fun: Genre : Action and Adventure; Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode; Sold...

User reviews

I've played all the Mario Partys and it seems every generation, it gets worse. I watched all the trailers and some of the short gameplays for this game and it looked really good. Needless to say, I was disappointed, and bored after a few rounds.Pros:-Partner System is an interesting edition, especially when they can participate in minigames.-Some neat random interactions-Good character selection.Cons:-Boards are too small this caused an average a star gained by someone every other round, and it wasn't rare that with your partners, you could traverse nearly the entire board in one round.-Only 4 small boards to choose from.-Boards are very bland, undecorated compared to previous Mario party boards, and mostly uneventful.-Some of the voices of the characters are butchered, what the heck did they do to boo and lakitu?!-Stars are only 10 coins each.-No competition. With stars given out like candy, there is little strategy involved.-Not many diverse minigames, 95% of them are 4 player, there is less than a handful of the others (1v3 and 2v2).-Most minigames seemed winnable with your eyes closed and a simple shake of the controller.-Items in the game are fairly generic. Also, "Item shops" if you want to even call it that, only have three items.-Points awarded from board and minigame play can be spent on...unlocking tutorials. Previous Mario Partys had unique items you could buy and put in a room to display.-Limited to using one joycon - I'm a big guy, my hands are huge, I need to be able to use other controllers as well. I found myself hitting multiple buttons at once on accident frequently.-Online is extremely limited and simply not even worth trying at this point.-Can't play in handheld modeThe game feels incomplete and at best, a decent entry into a handheld Mario Party game, however, the Switch is also a console hybrid, so this feels out of place due to its lack of features. Even with future updates, this game needs some heavy revamping. This feels like the release of Bomberman R, which was a game released for the Switch that lacked a lot of basic features previous Bomberman games had--they're still trying to patch things up to bring it up to speed a year later!These lazy releases cannot continue to go unnoticed. Hold your coins for Mario Party 12, or at least, a couple months when they (hopefully) release more features and the price goes down.
The game itself is fun, but i do have a few gripes about super mario party that i do not like. On the back of the game itself states "Party anywhere, anyway!"First of all you can Not play the game with a pro controller! No where in the advertising was this ever mentioned. I personally like playing games with a controller or in handheld mode. I like having the option to do so and not to be forced to play a game in one certain way, i found out about the use of the joycons only after i baught the game and looked at the back of the box.This leads me to my second gripe where you can Not play the game in handheld mode! This i do not like at all considering if i was traveling and wanted to play the game by myself on a plane or a train i can't because i am forced to have a table to use one of the joycons. While i understand why they implemented the use if the joycons the way the did i do not agree with the choice. Many of the movements, button controls, and actions can be used with a pro controller. My husbands hands started cramping due to the fact of how you have to hold the joycons in order to play the game.My last conplaint about the game is how small the boards are when playing party mode. Nintendo should have doubled the board size for a better gaming experience.The pros of super mario party are the mini games are all fun, no two games are exactly alike giving it a more diverse feeling. The inclusions of the hub world is a nice touch giving you the option to feel apart of the game. The character animation and bright art syle make it visualy appealing, alont with that the music is nothing special but has the fell of an old mario party game giving it a nostalgic feeling.Lasting of nintendo could send out an update to be able to play the game with a pro contoller And in handheld mode the game would be a must have for any nintendo lover and would have been rated 5 stars!
For as much as this game is you would think a little more thought would have gone into it. I've played lots of the other Mario party games and this one is the worst. The maps are way too small and it's far too easy to get stars. It used to be 20 coins to get a star now it's 10. Also, there are only 3 maps to pick from in the beginning, then you have to unlock 1 so a total of 4 maps. I could see paying maybe $20-30 for this game but it's a huge let down for how much it was.

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