The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code] (DLC Pack 2 now available)

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The expansion pass includes DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials and DLC Pack 2: The Champions' Ballad; Expansion Pass Bonus - Three treasure chests with in-game clothing exclusive to the expansion pass will be added to the Great Plateau; DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials will include the following: Trial...

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I can wear Majora's Mask. I can look like Phantom Ganon. Do you really need more? Well, I suppose you would. You can't even upgrade the defense of the armor sets, which is a downer, but they have unique and powerful effects and they look *really* cool.Besides the extra armors you can obtain in-game with this DLC, there are a ton of extra shrines and unlockables. Beating the Champions' Ballad DLC unlocks the Master Cycle Zero, the single best mount in the game (pretty good for scaling not-too-steep cliffs) and upgrades the recharge times of all Champion powers.Beating the Trial of the Sword DLC makes the Master Sword stay at its peak power (60 attack), which is usually only available while near Calamity Ganon's Malice (the purple goop) and corrupted Guardians, plus it's a fun challenge that I didn't find too frustrating at most parts with a guide.Some people don't believe it was worth $20, but I disagree. I've more than gotten my money's worth. Could the Champion DLC have been better? Sure. I expected some more story content, not just a replay of the Divine Beast boss fights and an extra cutscene per Champion, but the shrines were fun, the rewards were good and the cutscenes, while only adding a few, were cool and give you a tiny bit of insight into each Champion and what they were like before the events of the game.I would say that you should go ahead and look up everything that comes with the DLC and decide how much of it you want. There are two DLC packs, so they are effectively $10 each. This expansion pass gives you both for $20. If you want the armor sets, the extra shrines, the Master Cycle Zero, the Trial of the Sword and Master Mode (harder difficulty: enemies regenerate, floating platforms with enemies and treasures are spread throughout the world, tougher enemies appear in early parts of the game and enemies gain a new tier called "gold" such as Gold Bokoblins and Gold Lynels), then get it.I regret nothing.
DLC pack 1Trial of the sword is fun.Master Mode is worthless (it just makes it take extra long to kill the same easy enemies).All the extra clothes can't be upgraded and are worthless.DLC pack 2One hit obliterator is pretty fun but explosive barrels in the enemy camps make it so you have to waste a lot of arrows that most people don't have. (There are also several game-breaking glitches associated with this part).All the extra shrines are fun but still require little to no thought.The bosses you face are the same four as in the divine beasts.The extra story added adds no depth at all.The new divine beast is by far the best and was actual somewhat difficult at first.The boss for this divine beast is by far the dumbest in the game.The new rune is fun but annoying because it requires you to refill it way too much.The new gear is even more worthless than dlc pack 1...... somehowBoth packs should be free but what can you do
Just as I completed the standard game on 6/29, ofwhich was the BEST open world game I have ever played (including all GTA installments) I got the first DLC pack on release day. The are two parts of this release you really want it for. The Master Mode and Trials of the Sword. Master mode makes the game a great challenge for those who have already beat the game. Forget about knowing what needs to be done, that is not the challenge. The fun is in the enhanced AI that will challenge you from start to finish, trust me. The Trials of the Sword is a perfect test of combat and cooking/survival skills. Being that you MUST make the end of each floor before you can save this mode tests you to the limits! If you don't yet have the master sword in the game, then you cannot access the trials. Although I get that the developers want gamers to accomplish this feat first, it would be nice for the Trials to be an available game mode from the main menu, just because frankly it's a blast to play! Although the reward for completing the Trials doubles the swords damage, it does not make it unbreakable all the time. I thought it would do that so I was a little disappointed. The extra chests and outfits really are duds and not worth the time to find them but if you want all you need to do is turn on magnesis when exploring and you will easily find the chests partially buried in the ground. But still, if you are looking for some fresh, challenging content this is a great addition to the game. Looking forward to the Champions Ballad this Christmas!!!

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