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The Outer Worlds is a new single-player first-person sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division.; In The Outer Worlds, you awake from hibernation on a colonist ship that was lost in transit to Halcyon, the furthest colony from Earth located at the edge of the galaxy, only to find...

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The Outer Worlds is Obsidian's spiritual successor to Fallout New Vegas, but changes the post-apocalyptic settings for a more science fiction adventure. Although they have created original intellectual property, many of their games are sequels based on licensed properties, so its not hard to peace things together. Black Isle Studios was a division of the developer and publisher Interplay Entertainment that created the Fallout series and later formed Obsidian Entertainment. Legally speaking, they are not licensed to make a Fallout game considering the rights are now in the hands of Bethesda Softworks, but its totally legal to change the name and settings and toss in their own unique aspects and create a similar product. There are clearly some big influences to the Fallout series, and it doesn't take long to drawl a correlation between the conversational systems and gunplay, but at the same time manage to not be a complete carbon copy of the Fallout lore and universe.Over the years, one can see that Bethesda has become to incompetent to continue the Fallout series, so its a real treat, as well as rarity, to see the creative direction of an IP return to the original founders. Even with many similarities, The Outer Worlds feels like a new IP and features tons of aspects that are relatively uncommon to the series. Your character has a full list of stats that you can focus on. Your weapons have stats, your armor has stats, your abilities have stats, your companions have stats, and there are tons of potential paths you can play. The player has also now been given back control of their companions, being able to order them commands in a good amount of ways as well as change their combat tactics.Every conversation is filled with dialogue choices that are fully voice acted and features the old school silent protagonist that lets the player choose exactly what they want to say with many conversational skill checks. Sadly, there is no romance or morality system, but there are reputations with many different endings to take on. There is also lots of weapons ranging from 1 and 2 handed melee, handguns, long guns, heavy weapons, shotguns and space weapons. There are also lots of hidden weapons, items and missions to find for plays willing to stray off the main path in search of the unknown. The AI is also well done and can be extremely aggrieve.The play styles can be very diverse. You can sneak around disguised as a guard and even kill every NPC in the game and still complete the game by doing so, although certain quests may or may not be available based on who you killed or when you kill them. The game also adapts as you play, and player choices can deeply change how the plot plays out. Conversely, players can also play the entire game as pacifists and generally get by without killing any humans, with only a few creature encounters players may still need to face, but even then, you could order your companions in such regards. There is a "time slowdown mechanic" that allows players to specifically target areas on enemies, which is basically the VATS system. Also speaking of companions, they are all very well done and you can have more than one with you at one time. There is also a nice amount of difficulty settings. There is story mode where enemies have less health and do less damage, normal with standard health and damage, and hard where enemies have more health and do more damage. There is also supernova mode, but it can only be selected at the start of the game, and if you lower it midgame you cannot raise it back.In supernova mode, enemies have even more health and deal more damage, you must eat, drink and sleep to survive, companions can die permanently, crippled limb conditions can only be healed with bed rest and weapons and armor work poorly at zero durability. Additionally, players can only fast travel to the ship and can only sleep inside, as well as only being able to save inside the ship and autosaves are more limited. Basically, its a modified version of the New Vegas hardcore mode. The Outer Worlds hovers around the 40 hour mark. The sidequests feel as if they have meaning and serves a rightful purpose and the writing comes off as being very articulate. This is not however an open world game, it features large sandbox levels with the ability to freely travel around at your own pace. Movement feels much more responsive this time around and all combat and exploration is done only in 1st person. The performance also seems to be stable. The graphics are not the best but fit the game well enough, with a variety of colors that are rarely seen in games. It is also worth noting that the soundtrack in this game is very fascinating, and features very unique sounds and melodies that fit the mood and are often very addicting.I'm no stranger to the Fallout series, having played both the originals, over 500 hours in Fallout 3, over 1,000 hours in New Vegas and a few hundred hours in Fallout 4. In my opinion, The Outer Worlds is just as good as New Vegas but in different ways. It's a world that takes place in a different universe and features tons of quality of life improvements with an upgraded engine and not a single trace of microtransaction in existences,. Not only is that fine by me, this is exactly the way it should be. There are many other features I could cover, but I would rather leave the player with a few elements of surprise.Final Verdict:The Outer Worlds is one of those games that almost didn't happen. At Obsidian Entertainment things had gotten rough, and if it wasn't for the record-breaking "Project Eternity Kickstarter" program, the studio would have closed the doors years ago. I would recommend that anyone who reads this review to YouTube the "Road to Eternity" documentary by Obsidian, it's a very good documentary and well worth the watch. Microsoft has now acquired Obsidian but hopefully that wont change any goals the studio has in mind, but just like any kind of any acquisition, it could be for the best or turn out to be a disaster down the road, only time will tell.In my opinion, Obsidian Entertainment is one of the best game studios still around. The fact that Obsidian has even managed to accomplish everything they have with far less than larger developers only proves they are some of the most motivated and talented minds around. This also shows that money isn't everything, and its "where" and "how" you spend the money that matters most, while remaining focused and being guided with an uttermost passion and integrity. The Outer Worlds is not only a fantastic game, its the culmination of countless dreams and ideas that could only be achieved if worked on by those from its very conception. Great job Obsidian, and a big thanks to those who contributed to Project Eternity, as well as those who continue to show their support!
Hey Hey People, after Todd’s sweet little lies with Fallout 76 we needed a true successor to Fallout and look no further than Obsidian Entertainment latest game. The team behind the cult classic Fallout New Vegas to bring us the outer worlds. A new RPG in the spirit of New Vegas. Does it deliver on the promise of a new fallout? Or like Todd Howard does it deliver sweet little lies? The short answer is yes the Outer Worlds is the Fallout game we never got in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.Taking place in the outer world’s colony system Halcyon. You play as a blank slate colonist who was freed from cryostasis by a scientist and dropped into a colonial system run by corporations. In true new vegas fashion, you can join up with the corporations, fight against them or completely ignore the main story and explore the choice is endless because at its heart the Outer Worlds is an RPG. You build your character, you specialize him and you make choices that affect the story of the game exactly like Fallout New Vegas. However, it has some improvements for one the graphics look good not the best graphics ever but not bad looking either the game has a strong art style more than cutting edge graphics. Explore outer worlds a sci-fi inspired world that has a bit of a western feeling where corporations are in charge and they let you know it. Where you shill products and rub your hands together when you make more money. But not everyone one is friendly in the Outer Worlds, which leads to another improvement from New VegasThe gameplay just works. Unironically though as the gameplay is a big step up while it’s not as smooth as a modern-day fps it still gets the job done. Running stable and smooth with virtually no hiccups. The biggest W being the builds want to be a melee only character? A sniper? A Gunslinger? All that’s possible in the outer worlds recruit companions to tag along and help you. A variety of choices a variety of styles that you need to complete the main story. Corporations have full control of the colonies and have oppressed the people in their iron grip and as a colonist coming in from earth only you can stop Jeff Bezos and his board of directors or join him and get the sweet amazon prime membership. The choice is yours and there lies the biggest strength of the outer worlds is choices and the strength of the writing. The themes of capitalism are presented in a grey not simply black and white and it’s up to you as a player to choose what you think is right or wrong do a villain playthrough that works too it just works.In conclusion, outer worlds couldn’t have come at a better time when we had the Hindenburg level disaster that is Fallout 76 trying to scam it players with its Fallout 1st subscription model that shows how far Bethesda has fallen that they make EA blush at their level of price gouging in a game that sucked and was one of the worst games of the year. We have a true spiritual successor to Fallout. However, Outer Worlds is its own thing and Obsidian hit it out of the park with this them I recommend the outer worlds I give it 8 out of 10 a great new IP that came just at the right time and place. Being a giant middle finger to Fallout 76 is just a bonus.
Everthing in check to make this what I had hoped it would be. Would have been 5 stars but the exclusion of a third person option is somewhat problematic for me...but is my only complaint. What is good:1. Single player. No shared world..multiplayer battle royale BS.2. No internet required. I have extremely powerful internet in my home. Don't tell me I have to connect to play a game I just spent $60 on and will not be able to play again after it is no longer supported.3. Acceptable character creation and options. Would have been even better with a 3rd person view.4. Well thought out story line with good lore and back drop. Cant be completely comprehensive on that as I am only 12 hours in.5. Beautiful and colorful scenery. Tongue in cheek humor in some of the presentation as well as the dialogue.6. A real RPG with relevant choices that turn the direction of the game.This title has more in common with Fallout than anything else..especially New Vegas. If any of the above mentioned bullet points appeal to your gaming preferences you will not go wrong with this.

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