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Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world where there are no rules; Express your creativity as you customize your Sims’ appearances and personalities, and build them the perfect homes; Develop your Sims’ relationships, pursue careers, and explore vibrant new worlds

User reviews

This game sucks hours away. You find yourself lost, rebuilding a house, working on your novel, trying to get your daughter through school. Your wife comes in, she's stressed, she starts yelling before dancing in front of the radio for 8 hours. Next thing you know she's collapsed on the floor because she decided dancing trumped sleeping and she couldn't carry on anymore.Would be 5 stars, but the DLC is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. That's EA's style unfortunately. I have the willpower, it's fine. My daughter however BEGS for hundreds worth of DLC constantly because she watches youtubers and they have all this stuff she doesn't have.
It is a fun game, don't get me wrong. However, it is just another sims game, with more add-ons and more ways to squeeze money out of you. I miss the original sims when you could buy one game and that had everything included - had all the updates they decided to make to that game for that year included in that 50-60 dollars they charged for the game. This new "you get the base game, but then to do anything new you pay us more money" thing is garbage if you ask me. I will no longer be buying sims games, so without my purchase and others like me they'll have to squeeze more money out of those that continue to buy it with even more add-ons. Losing fans over greed is a quick route to failure as I am sure they will find out.Summary without my ranting: Not a bad game, just incomplete and a very base sims that requires many add-ons to experience anything new. Count me as a sims fan, lost.Regarding the purchase from Amazon itself 5/5 - code was delivered promptly without delay, code instructions provided and were clearly described.
I have a Mac and this works perfectly on it! (Yes Sims 4 can be used on it finally! Anybody who has a physical copy or online game code can now go on Origins and download the Mac version) I had a regular laptop before, so this is the first Sims I’ve played on the Mac. I heard that people used to have a lot of problems playing with this platform, but I haven’t had any. I have been playing the Sims since I was a little kid, from The Original Sims, to Sims 2, to Sims 3. I even played Bustin Out, Urbz and Sims for Playstation. So, when I say that I love what they have done with this I know where it started and everything it was before now! The people who hate it honestly seem to have the worst reasons. I’ll address some of them:-No, you don't follow the Sim when they travel. It is actually faster this way, especially if where they are traveling is far from your lot. It doesn’t take nearly as much time to load between places as it used to on the Sims 2, though there is a very brief loading screen. You can still see past the home lot, and honestly the neighborhoods are livelier than ever! There is some beautiful scenery. You can meet other Sims, whether they live in the town or whether or not they actually live in a house! I'm sure expansion packs will bring more towns, as well as more public establishments for them to enjoy. In the Sims 3 I rarely visited community lots anyway with the exception of gyms and libraries, so this does not bother me.-No, you can’t travel with your Sim to work. We have never been able to actually control their work actions or see inside their job, it is no different now. The biggest difference is you get a lot of situations that you choose the outcome of, affecting your performance. You can still opt to have them work hard, slack off, etc. It is not as easy to get promoted, and they give you things you can do daily to increase your performance. Like, in the athlete track it is recommended you work out daily. This makes things more realistic in my opinion. You also have more career options.-You can still get pregnant and have babies. You have the option to take a pregnancy test, after you try for a baby instead of waiting to see if the Sim is pregnant like before. The Sim still works while pregnant, and during the 3rd trimester Mom and Dad gain the option to take family leave. They do have to call into work for it, so they don’t have to take it if you don’t want them to. Many people are upset that you can’t take the baby away from their bassinet, but we didn’t do that much with babies before either away from their cribs really. You can still interact with them, and mom even has the option to breast feed the baby now. If left alone the baby will go to “daycare”. No more paying for annoying babysitters who get entirely too comfortable in your house. There is no toddler stage, babies grow up into children. Children are allowed to be at home by themselves, but as before they are not allowed to use the stove or anything like that. There are many ways for children to develop their skills, and they can even have mini-aspirations. With that being said, I don’t really miss the toddler stage because children have plenty of growing up to do!-The color customization is more limited than the Sims 3, I do agree with that. You have a few options to choose on hair and eye color, and cannot do roots or highlights like before. Clothes come in certain colors, if you don’t like the options that’s all there is to it. There are styled outfits now, I like a lot of those. Of course, you can always purchase in the Sim store or Mod if the limits bother you a whole lot. -The actual process of creating your sim has changed a lot, the options to modify their faces and bodies are so far beyond what I could have ever imagined for this game.-Build/buy mode has been condensed into one, and there are several ways to find items by category as well as prestyled rooms. There are pools available now, still no cars but you really don’t need a car because you can’t see them travel anyway.-There is so much more you can do to develop your Sim as an individual, from skills to personality. Who they are actually reflects in the way they walk, talk and act. Like when they have to pee badly, you can see that in their walk. It’s awesome I think. It lost some, but it gained things also that make the game more lifelike. If you don’t expect it to have or need expansion packs, you are not realistic. There is talk of offering one price to be able to get all the expansion packs they release, though I’m not sure whether that’s true or not. If you buy it from Origins, you can return it during a buyers’ remorse period if you are unsatisfied. Again, when reading these reviews keep in mind this is the base game. There are no expansion packs yet, and there will still be updates! I can't wait for the first expansion pack coming next month!

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