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Advanced, Action-Packed Gameplay - Whether fighting as a Pilot, the apex predators of The Frontier, or as a Titan, 20-foot tall war machines, Titanfall 2 provides an incredibly fun, fluid, and thrilling combat experience that is unmatched.; Captivating Single Player Campaign - Step on to The...

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It has been four days now and I still can't play the game. EA sports customer service is a joke. I have been trying to install the game for days and keep getting the error "Install failed, the redistributable package Direct X is missing something blah blah blah. Well it's not MY computer's problem as I play every other game flawlessly. I own the hard copy of the game when It first came out and when EA changed their platform a couple years ago they lost all my games. I tried to reload it and it said "This product code has already been used". After months of trying to get a reply from EA sports I finally gave up and quit trying to play the game. Then I find this great deal on a digital copy from Amazon and I think "GREAT, now I can play Titanfall 2 again" but nope, once more EA sports is failing.
We've got pilots and titans, all running with jetpacks.Fire ammunition and punching melee attacks.Wall running, map hacks, and evil AI beings.These are a few of my favorite things ~Titanfall 2 is by far one of the best FPS games I've played in a while. A solid mix of the original Unreal Tournament, meets Tribes, meets Mech Warrior - it has a solid bit of everything. The campaign is how a shooter should play, and the multiplayer completely on point. So far, it's my 2016 game of the year.
Just as the title reads! I purchased this game because it was on sale. As soon as I purchased it I went on the origin app and the code showed redeemed! I went on their website thinking it was an error and it was showing redeemed there too. When I contacted Amazon about they sent me to EA. When I went to EA they said they couldn't do anything and I needed to resolve with Amazon. I went back to amazon and Amazon referred to their technical support and after two weeks said issue was resolved and that I could use the code but when I went to use the code it was still having the same issue!could you believe that? How hard is it to re-issue a code or deactivate whoever redeemed the code that I purchased?Lesson learned though. EA AND/OR ORIGIN SUCKS. I'm 100% sure it was their error as they are the ones that generate the code.... but when you approach them they are unwilling to do anything to help! I even explained to their brilliant tech support guy that I purchased the code and so whoever is using it needs to be removed because it's mine with screenshots and everything!If you plan on purchasing any game that needs to be redeemed on origin, do not buy it on Amazon and consider buying it on origin instead. You may end up regretting it and pissing away two weeks like I did.

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