Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset for Mobile Gaming, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PS4 Pro and PS4 Black/Silver

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The all-new Turtle Beach Battle Buds in-ear gaming headset is built to battle on any platform, anywhere you play! From road trips with Nintendo Switch to Battle Royales on Xbox or PlayStation at home to mobile gaming on your daily commute, Battle Buds are the perfect mix of in-ear comfort and...

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Read all the bad reviews everyone else wrote about "echo and fit". If you dont understand the concept of the xbox one audio settings for mic mixing then you will get echo 💩😝👎 those people don't know what they're talking aboutFit: took me a couple tries I started off with the already installed medium earpiece and medium ear stabilizer and then eventually after wearing them that way I found using the smaller stabilizer with the medium earbuds worked for me. After about 2 hours my ears were a little sore but not enough for discomfort until the 3rd hour playing playing. Which is fine for me because I like to switch off between earbuds and then my regular over the ear Turtle Beaches.Sound: playing gears 5 and in order to get the mic monitoring to work properly so I wasn't shouting I had to turn down the volume through the Xbox One 2 clicks from max volume and put the mic monitoring all the way up. Chat mixer was set to default in the middle. Mic volume on the inline volume was a little more than halfway below max volume and it seemed perfect. Didn't have any complaints from friends and chat or in-game of Echo and I use the party chat overlay anyways so if there was any Echo I would see it's coming from my mic which there was noneThese are good for me when I want to take a break from an annoying headband one ear cup mic or my big-eared Turtle Beaches and it's good to have something like this to switch off if you're going to be running long gaming sessions. You can also adjust run the earpiece with the mic you don't have to wear both of them which is a good option
Echo echo echo echo just tons of echo. The mic has no noise cancelling for itself it just echos no matter who i speak with. To stop the echo i have to turn headset volume on my xbox 1 do low that it makes the headset useless! Do not buy!
These are really amazing. Not only are they so portable and easy to carry, they easily outperform some headsets I have that cost 2 or 3 times more. The earbuds stay in really well once you find the right sizes, and you can’t even feel the microphone. The only slight issue which does not bother me is that the microphone is really short and it’s on the side of your mouth instead of in front of it, but it still has a quality that you would see on 100 dollar plus headsets, and its size makes it not noticeable when playing. I have nothing bad to say about these.

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