Xbox Wireless Controller – Winter Forces Special Edition

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Experience the enhanced comfort and feel of the Xbox Wireless Controller - Winter Forces Special Edition, featuring a sleek, arctic camouflage design and textured grip. Enjoy custom button mapping and improved wireless range. Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And...

User reviews

I was skeptical on getting this one since the Covert Forces one I used to have had a high gloss paint finish, which made it very hard to keep a grip on, especially since my hands get sweaty while playing. I had the Dawn Shadow controller, and I LOVED how the paint finish was a rubberized matte finish, since it made the controller feel amazing and it never slipped out my hands. Upon receiving this item, it does have a matte finish, but it's also more textured than the Dawn Shadow controller, so it feels even better yet! The LED is a grayish color instead of white so it doesn't offset too much white color on the controller, and the back of the controller is textured as well. If I could get this one engraved somewhere, I would. Instead of getting one through the Xbox Design Lab. All in all, this is an amazing controller. I feel like I need to "baby" it with how awesome it is, because this is by far the best and most well-made Microsoft controller I've ever owned to this day. Definitely would recommend.
There isn't much fanfare for this controller. It works just like it's supposed to. There is a slight difference in the under grip though, as it's more of a rough matte finish than the standard semi-matte finish on the standard black controller. It doesn't make a huge difference for me, but the slightly/additional more grip is definitely noticeable. I just so happened to enjoy the color scheme, but to each their own.The only caveat to this controller is using non-xbox battery packs. I used an Insignia battery pack I bought from BestBuy and the controller began to randomly vibrate during game-play (at times violently and non-stop) on it's own. I purchased Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries and haven't looked back. Perfectly functional and care-free gaming as it should be. The Insignia pack worked with my old controller, so that's a done deal.Insignia Charge and Play: Pro:
My original XBox One controller that came with my console years ago started having drift issues. The left analog stick would drift to the right until I physically moved the stick in another direction. Since I've had this controller for years, I figured I'd get a new controller and got this one.Within 5 minutes of using this controller, I noticed the same stick drift. The left analog stick drifted to the right very slightly. It's not as bad as my old controller, but still happened frequently and was very noticeable. Stick drift is a very common issue with these controllers, but generally not right out of the box like this. Very disappointed with this and question Microsoft's QA with these controllers. I've never had an issue with any of my four Xbox 360 controllers.Other thoughts:My original white controller grips have physical grooves in them for grip. These are more of a smooth soft touch texture. I felt this controller was more slippery and did not like the grips at all.The coating on the front face plate is not smooth in certain parts. There are spots on the handle areas where the coating was not applied correctly and I can feel it poking out. It's not noticeable much during gameplay, but not what I expect from a first-party controller.Overall I am not happy with this controller and returned it. I would not buy it again.

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